Ashitaba 80g

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Traditional Japanese healing food, consumed for Beauty and Longevity

  • Rich source of Vitamin B
  • Skin and Digestive Tonic
  • Contains Chalcones
  • Shen-Spirit tonic

Ashitaba, known as “Tomorrow’s Leaf” for its rapid regrowth, is an edible plant that’s part of the Angelica family. Used for centuries in both Japanese and Eastern medicine, Ashitaba is known for its anti-aging and beautifying properties. It’s also a whole-food source of vitamin B (which is rare in many plants!) and has been studied for its ability to stimulate Nerve Growth Hormone, which is thought to play a key role in longevity.

In addition to being a rich source of vitamin B, our Ashitaba is a plant that aims to support a clear complexion and digestive health. It’s also considered to be a “Shen” tonic, meaning that it promotes spiritual well-being. Traditionally, Ashitaba has been used to treat a number of health conditions, including heartburn, high blood pressure, and stomach ulcers. Ashitaba contains a compound called Chalcones, which may support the healthy regeneration of cells.

Ingredients: 4:1 cold water extract powder of Ashitaba leaf and stem.

What are the health benefits of Ashitaba?

Ashitaba is mainly known for its high levels of B12, which has been known to provide a number of benefits (including emotional well-being, healthy skin and hair, and cellular formation). Not surprisingly, our Ashitaba is considered to be a skin and digestive tonic. Ashitaba is also thought to support longevity, along with youth and beauty. While it’s been used to address a number of health issues, Ashitaba is renowned for its anti-aging properties.

How should Ashitaba be consumed?

We invite you to mix ½ teaspoon of Ashitaba powder in a liquid of your choosing. This may include hot water, tea, coffee, juice, matcha lattes, smoothies, soups, or even dressings or sauces. As with any nutritional supplement, you should contact your physician prior to use if you are pregnant. Because Ashitaba is a potent Shen tonic, many users will start to feel its positive effects almost immediately.

Invitations for Use

Mix 1/2 tsp. in Liquid of Choice.

Makes an excellent addition to Matcha Lattes, Tea, Smoothies, Potions, Salads, Miso Soups, and Raw Chocolate!

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