Humble Beginnings

Founded in 2018 by our in-house nutritionist, Kaila Seguin, Wellness Market was created with a fervent goal: to empower women in all areas of their health. Her vision was crystal clear: to create a welcoming environment where the community could discover guidance and support for both the mind and body. Today, Wellness Market represents more than a mere retail establishment; it stands as a center for holistic health and well-being.

Educated Guidance

Our in-house experts come from a variety of fields, including Nutrition, Herbalism, Fitness, and more. You can count on receiving impartial and well-informed advice that caters to your specific needs.

Sincere Support

Embark on your wellness journey within a candid and encouraging setting specially tailored for women.

Diverse Selection

We take great pride in being the home to Canada's most extensive collection of professional wellness products.

Free returns

Returns within 30 days receive a full refund.

Canada & USA Shipping

Ship anywhere in Canada and the USA, standard shipping rates apply.

Live support

Reach out to us anytime through our live chat for immediate assistance.