Altered State Extreme Preworkout Grapes of Wrath 381g

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  • Keto Friendly
  • Made In Canada
  • 100% Full Disclosure Label
  • 5 Function All-in-One Pre-Workout
  • Maximum-Dosed Extreme Pre-Workout
  • Build Muscle + Increase Performance + Burn Fat


ALTRD State produces powerful increases in workout motivation and energy, on-demand. It transforms you on a mental and physical level to train with dramatically increased intensity. One look at the ingredients will tell you that ALTRD State is different than anything you’ve ever tried.

It combines intense pre-workout energy, a muscle-swelling pump, fat-burning thermogenesis, high-duration muscle-endurance and game-changing nootropic agents that focus your mind. Combined with a full complex of high-dose B3, B6, B9 and B12 vitamins that make ALTRD State the strongest pre-workout available.


Let’s face it, strength matters and you need the strongest pre-workout. One that will power you through every goal you set, and smash it! ALTRD State possesses that power. It unleashes an industry-dominating 8.32 g† of muscle-swelling, 2:1 Citrulline Malate, 3.2 g† of Beta-Alanine, 2 g† of Taurine and 1 g† of Agmatine Sulfate to give you workout-crushing pumps, strength and power.

Feel the spine-tingling stimulant power of over 400 mg† of triple-source caffeine yielding compounds and the fat-melting combination of synephrine-higenamine. Experience the mind-altering focus power of 600 mg† of ALCAR, 20 mg† of 50:1 Huperzia serrata extract (std. to 200 mcg† Huperzine A), 400 mg† DMAE and 100 mg Beta-PEA. Test subject after test subject reported a dramatic intensification of sensory experiences combined with mind-sharpening, tunnel-vision focus.

Level up and achieve more reps, increased strength and colossal pumps that will do more than change how you look; it will change who you become. You bring the will to become more and ALTRD State will bring the motivation to fuel your journey.

Suggested Use

In a shaker mix 1/2 Scoop (~9.4 g) to 1 Scoop (~18.8 g) into 7-14 fl. oz. (200-400 ml) of ice-cold water. Adjust amount of water to suit taste. Consume 15 to 30 minutes before training. New users should assess tolerance with a half scoop before leveling up to a full scoop.


Take no more than 1 serving per day. Do not exceed 1/2 scoop.

Make sure that it’s very well sealed when you store it. Don’t store it in a warm area (such as near a vent, or above a stove or refrigerator that gives off heat). It is best to store it in a cool dry area, shake and rotate the bottle periodically. If you live in a particularly humid area, you can store ALTRD State in the freezer to reduce exposure to humidity.

Shake and rotate ALTRD State before each use. Make sure that when you open it to use it, you close it quickly and tighten the lid. Do not leave it open on the counter when you are using it. The highly active ingredients in ALTRD State are sensitive to any moisture in the air. They attract moisture that is in the air rapidly and easily.

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